Material Handling


Forklifts designed to improve material handling by providing a simple user interface for the operator.

Dock lifts are useful for multi-story buildings or warehouses with tall storage shelves.

Manual pallet truck



  • 5,500 lbs


  • 180 degree operational arc
  • Thirteen full strokes to reach maximum elevated height of 7.8"
  • Control handle has three position (raise/neutral/lower) fingertip control.
  • Spring loaded handle returns to upright position automatically.


  • 180 degree operational arc
  • Thirteen full strokes to reach maximum elevated height of 7.8"
  • Control handle has three position (raise/neutral/lower) fingertip control.
  • Spring loaded handle returns to upright position automatically.


  • Quality pump design complete with special lowering valve allowing controlled rate of descent and an overland by-pass valve.


  • Fork size 27" x 48" standard, 20.5" x 48" optional
  • Tapered forks with ramped tips allow for easy pallet entry and exit.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty frame.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Frame is powder coat paint.
  • Hangers are constructed of Cast Iron for greater strength and longevity.
  • Adjustable push rods allow for individual adjustment capability.


  • One year structural and one year hydraulic pump warranty



Quality, durability and efficient pallet management for medium duty applications.


  • 4,500 lb


  • Thumb throttle, lift, lower, horn, and reversing switch are easily located on the ergonomically correct bottom mount handle.
  • On/Off key switch, power disconnect, and hour meter/battery discharge indicator mounted on dash.
  • Braking activation at top and bottom of handle working range.
  • Automatic neutral braking on throttle release.
  • Low effort steering


  • High performance vertically mounted Curtis SepEx separately excited motor provides maximum torque throughout entire travel speed.
  • Precision helical drive gears provide quiet operation and transfer power more efficiently from drive motor to axle.
  • No directional contactors, therefore less maintenance. Single line contractor operates with an integrated power disconnect switch.
  • Easy access cover exposes electrical and major mechanical components for inspection and maintenance.
  • Long life drum brake system mounted on motor armature shaft intensifying the braking power through the double reduction transmission.


  • Lifting rams are hard chromed plated for long life and mounted for even load lifting.
  • Pump unit, motor, and solenoid actuated, pressure compensated lowering valve is easily accessible.


  • 48" long forks, 27" fork with


  • 24 volt system
  • State-of-the-art programmable Curtis transistor controller motor provides smooth and seamless control
  • Auto reset circuit breaker and fused control circuit designed to protect the electrical system.


  • Tapered roller bearings (drive wheel) operating in oil sealed case.
  • Greasable seals (load wheels) ball bearings.
  • Two extra heavy-duty (transmission), tapered roller bearings.
  • Self-lubricating (Fork linkage), heat treated roller bearings.


  • 48" high load backrest
  • Battery pack with built-in charger
  • Maintenance-free and industrial batteries.

Lift Truck

BGL Series

BGL Narrow Aisle

The BGL Series combines the advantages and versatility of a sit-down fork lift while providing the economy and efficiency of a walkie stacker.

The BGL is the perfect machine for just-in-time distribution and manufacturing operations, general loading dock area and warehouse use and for one company – one truck businesses that require economical material handling versatility.


  • BGL-22 – 2,200 lb at 24′ load center.
  • BGL-30 – 3,000 lb at 24′ load center.
  • BGL-40 – 4,000 lb at 24’€ load center.


  • 63 inches
  • 118 inches, 130 inches, 150 inches
  • 160 inches, 172 inches.


  • Ergonomic design with butterfly forward/reverse travel controls.
  • Large safety reversing button propels truck away from operator and sounds horn if contact with operator is made.
  • Automatic “dead man” braking with power cut off switch when brake is applied.


  • Smooth, stepless acceleration and controlled plug braking.
  • Battery efficiency and truck use capability between charges increases by up to 50% over resistor style trucks.
  • Diagnostic test and fault information.
  • Sealed gear reducer / brake system with internal multi-disc brakes in oil bath that virtually eliminates conventional brake safety roblems such as adjustments, drum and/or shoereplacement.
  • All gear and brake components protected from exposure to moisture and dirt, packaging, strapping etc.
  • All gears are precision ground helical type and drive axle mounted on precision tapered roller bearings.
  • Solid state throttle mechanism.
  • Controller is programmable to allow custom speed and acceleration settings.
  • Heavy duty motor, gear pump, check and relief valve.
  • Lift, lower and tilt functions feature manual lever controls for load feathering capabilities.


  • 24 volt system
  • On/Off key switch.
  • Fused drive and control circuits.
  • Series wound high torque maintenance free drive motor, Class H insulation and heavy duty motor contactors with replaceable tips.
  • Dashboard mounted emegency power disconnect button.


  • Heavy duty nested l-beam mast design units.
  • Dual leaf style lifting chains with 5:1 safety factors.
  • 42″ long forged forks.
  • ITA Class II hook type mounting carriage.
  • 48″ high load backrest.
  • 2° forward, 8° back tilt mast.
  • Single tilt cylinders on 2,200 lb and 3,000 lb 2 stage units.
  • Twin tilt cylinders on 3,000 lb 3 stage and all 4,000 lb models.


  • Press-on 10″ x 4″ red poly, taper mounted hub design for easy servicing.
  • Poly load wheels 101/2″ x 5″.


  • Special application tires.
  • Other fork sizes.
  • Battery gauges.
  • U.L EE rating.

Dock Lifts


The LoMaster Dock Lift Series from Blue Giant provides a safe and efficient way to handle endless materials handling applications at grocery stores, schools, hospitals, postal services and distribution centers – anywhere a low-profile workhorse is required.

Typically, a dock lift will cost 1/3 the price of a fork lift truck and will have a quick and favorable payback when compared to the long-term cost associated with operating a forklift and manually loading / off-loading a trailer. The LoMaster Dock Lift Series will also greatly reduce handling costs, cargo damage and employee injury common to vertical transfer operations.


  • Dock Lifts can be mounted in a pit or a concrete pad.
  • Dock Lift Model ED Highlights
  • Remote power pack 12′ (3,658 mm) hydraulic hose.
  • Hydraulic pump with built-in overload relief.
  • Hydraulic and oil hoses included.
  • Up-travel limit switch.
  • Motor, controls, push button factory pre-wired & tested.
  • Full length deck beam for maximum support.
  • Solid plate steel legs for maximum rigidity.
  • 8′ (203 mm) tapered toe guard protection.
  • Handrails with 4′ (102 mm) kick plate and barrier chain across both ends.
  • Checkered deck and 18′ (457 mm) long lip with lifting chain on rolling end.
  • Hard chromed pivot pins at cylinder and center pin.
  • All pivot points equipped with maintenance free lifetime lubricated bushings.
  • Scissor leg roller bearings maintenance free.
  • Precision safety velocity fuses on hydraulic cylinders to prevent platform free fall.
  • Mechanical, hinged to frame, flip-down maintenance stop on stationary models only.
  • Completely sealed, weather resistant cylinders vented back to hydraulic tank to prevent contaminant entry into cylinder
  • Complies to ANSI MH29.1 standards.
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty.


  • 24VAC voltage control.
  • Key switch on push button.
  • Electric toe guard protection.
  • Warning horn with volume control.
  • Flashing amber beacon.
  • Aluminum lip.
  • Spring and hydraulic assisted lips.
  • Mechanical pop-up wheel chock.
  • Accordion safety skirting.
  • Interlock swing gates.
  • Low temp oil.
  • Submersion heater for oil reservoir.

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